Basic Care

Marvelous Mud Why don’t you feel it. There is a secret of the skin health in natural mud!


Mud keeps the skin vitalized and elastic to look young and fresh because it contains various


kinds of efficient and affluent elements such as natural minerals that prevent the skin from aging

[Mudrang]Korean Blemish Balm Cover Base BB cream 50g+++

CODE: C2011BC0001

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It is a new cover cream with no glossiness and natural covers skin flaws. Since it helps adjust sebum and keep the skin smooth all... More

[Mudrang]Korean Mudrang Eye Cream 30ml-Mud water 5%

CODE: C2011BC0003

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Containing some herbal ingredients of arrowroot, licorice and the extract of peony, rct, it helps make your dry eye rims... More

[Mudrang]Korean Mudrang Facial Treatment Essence 40ml

CODE: C2011BC0005

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The extract of perilla herb and camonile soothes the skin and its combined marine elastin makes the skin contracted and soft... More

[Mudrang]Korean Mudrang Milk Lotion 140ml-Natural mud

CODE: C2011BC0006

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It's excellent ingredients such as squalene, vitamin E, acetate, etc help the skin not only to keep *  Content : 140 ㎖... More

[Mudrang]Korean Mudrang Nutrient Cream 50ml-mudwater 5%

CODE: C2011BC0004

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The content of phytosphingosin and biosaccharide gum and V itamin E derivative supply nutrients deeply to the skin while... More

[Mudrang]Korean Mudrang Skin Lotion 140ml-Natural mud

CODE: C2011BC0007

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1. Content : 140 ㎖    * Manufacturer:KOREA KOLMAR 2. Characteristics - The content of hyaluronate... More

[Mudrang]Korean Mudrang UV Sun Block Cream SPF 50+ PA++

CODE: C2011BC0002

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It is a mildly applied skin-friendly cream with no stickiness and glossiness. It is recommended to those who go out during the day... More